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About us helps policymakers, researchers, CSO’s and individual citizens ask questions to better understand AI. Because if you have more insight into the use of AI, you can make better decisions.

At the same time, encourages scientists who work on AI to involve society more in their work and to anticipate societal questions about the use of large data sets and algorithms.

We provide scientists and other groups in society with concrete tools for open communication about AI. In doing so, we hope to create more mutual trust between science and society and to increase public understanding of the use of AI. is run by Susan van Erp and Mariëtte Oosterwegel and started under the working title Datawijsheid. The project was made possible in part by the KNAW, as the host organization of the former Samenweten. builds on the content of Sense about Science’s Data Science: a guide for society and is temporarily financed by Elsevier. Elsevier aims to make scientific information available worldwide to help users gain insight and make critical decisions.

This website was created with the help of countless AI experts and other interested parties. They have provided us with thought provoking examples and critical questions. This way of co-creation has greatly benefited both scientists and non-scientists.

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